Monday, January 12, 2009

Currency devaluations !

This post would just be a short one offering some insights about coming booms !
  1. Our sources tell us that some kind of devaluation of Yen is in the offing in near time in the future.
  2. Also this week is going to be extremely dreadful for gold may be going down by 10%, already it has fallen about that extent.
  3. J.P. Morgan is in increasing trouble with the stock price being bamboozeled in last couple of days. Watch out there is someting serious brewing there, we already know their derivatives book may be the reason for their impending troubles. (JPM $24.91, down $1.6)
  4. Today morning in Closing bell CNBC US, news was Morgan Stanley entering into JV business with investing into the Smith Barney of Citigroup. Mind you this is another of the ways Morgan through the US government is pumping money into the already failed Citigroup by our reckoning.
  5. US could lose 2mn jobs in 2009 - a news report by a research group

Keep up the spirits


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